Infusing Clinical Intelligence at the Point of Imaging

Simplifying Brain MRI

Cerebriu provides solutions to automate radiology workflows, improve brain MRI efficiency, improve patient prioritisation, and reduce scan time, re-examinations, and non-acute admissions.

Right Data. Right Patient. Right Time

MR Smart Protocol

Real-time adaptation of MR scanning protocols for the right sequences at the right time.

MR Smart Protocol analyses an initial abbreviated set of images and suggests the most appropriate next sequences based on initial findings.

MR Smart Alert

MR Smart Alert detects critical finding at the earliest stages of the MRI examination for fast visualization, enabling the prioritization of radiological review and the prompt notification of critical findings to the care team.

Cerebriu Apollo is regulated as a medical product. This product conforms to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Brain MRI Protocol Optimization At The Point Of Imaging

  • Patent-pending technology enabling personalized MRI protocols.
  • Apollo Smart Protocol offers real-time decision support to optimize the protocol at the MRI console while the patient is still in the scanner, ensuring the acquisition of the right sequence for the right patient at the right time.
  • Smart Protocol enables the optimization of MRI utilization, the reduction of  interruptions to radiologists, reduction of unnecessary image acquisition and the improvement of the technologist’s confidence at the MRI console.

Brain MRI alert of Critical Pathology

  • Technology enabling streamlined workflows and timely patient management.
  • Apollo’s Smart Alert offers real-time detection of critical pathology on brain MRI enabling a faster identification, the prioritization of radiologist review and reporting, and the notification of the care team for timely management.
  • Apollo’s Smart Alert enables faster and confident radiological analysis and quicker report turnaround time. By notifying the care team while the patient is still in the scanner, Apollo’s Smart Alert enables a timely intervention and improved clinical care.

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