Central India’s Leading Radiology Service Provider, bodyScans, Chooses Cerebriu’s Apollo Solution to Optimize Patient Workflow

Copenhagen, Denmark, 05/10/2022

bodyScans will use Cerebriu’s Apollo platform, implementing Smart Protocol & Smart Alert, to bring better care to the Greater Indore Region it operates in.

About the collaboration

Cerebriu will support bodyScans’ mission of making radiology services more accessible in real-time while the patient is still in the scanner.

Bringing Apollo to a leading radiology chain such as bodyScans, is a huge milestone for us in our journey of providing better treatment and solutions for healthcare systems worldwide” Said Robert Lauritzen, CEO & Co-founder at CerebriuI look forward to seeing the positive impact it will deliver in the Indian healthcare system

“Cerebriu Apollo can bring real change in Central India. Said Akshay Pai, PhD, CTO & Co-founder at CerebriuWe are delighted to have partnered with bodyScans, and I look forward to collaborating with bodyScans to bring life-changing solutions to patients in need“.

“We are using Cerebriu at our centers in bodyScans. Said Mr.Arpit Kothari, Director at bodyScans. “The normal abnormal detection and customized sequence planning based on AI generated findings not only help save time and improve workflow efficiency. It also allows our radiographers to make decisions around sequence planning, saving valuable time. It also improves the overall patient experience, especially with less cooperative and claustrophobic individuals.

The need for imaging workflow in India

India has a severe shortage of radiologists. There are only 10.000 radiologists who treat a population of over 1.3 billion. This makes it difficult to provide appropriate & critical care for most of India’s population. In a publication from the Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging in 2019, 74% of radiologists were working 40-70 hours a week, and 78% reported symptoms of work related stress.

Meeting with bodyScans’ radiologists in Indore, India

About Cerebriu  

Cerebriu improves diagnostic imaging workflow efficiency, quality of care and patient outcomes. Cerebriu’s software solution, Apollo, achieves this by automating image acquisition protocols and patient triage during MRI brain acquisition. Ultimately this results in improved productivity, prioritizing the right patients at the right time with less burden on clinicians. 

For more information, please visit www.cerebriu.com

Media contact

Oded Yair Menuhin

BD & Strategic Partnerships Manager