Cerebriu & Clalit Health Services Partner to Automate Radiology Workflows with AI

January 19, 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark

A unique research collaboration of its kind in Israel by Soroka Medical University, Clalit Medical Center and Cerebriu focuses on smart protocol and artificial intelligence in MRI will enable testing and diagnosis processes in brain scans

Soroka Medical Center, Clalit and Cerebriu from Denmark recently signed an innovative a research collaboration agreement. 

The collaboration focuses on smart protocol and the use of artificial intelligence during MRI examinations.

“The technology makes it possible to arrive at a more accurate and faster diagnosis”, Says Dr. Gal Ben-Arieh, radiologist at the Imaging Institute in Soroka, “In addition, it eliminates the need for repeated tests and, in some cases, the injection of a contrast agent.”

Prof. Ilan Shelef, neuroradiologist, director of the Imaging Institute at Soroka, noted: “The collaboration between Soroka and Cerebriu from Denmark puts us at the forefront of artificial intelligence developments and will allow us to give patients customized imaging, dynamic and real-time matching of the test to a subject who is in the process of being tested.”

Robert Lauritzen, CEO of Cerebriu, said: ” At Cerebriu, we provide artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the automation of radiology workflows around the world, and in this project we mark an important milestone. The collaboration with a leading institution and the largest healthcare system in Start-Up Nation is strong proof of the great value that our unique product gives to healthcare systems, doctors and patients around the world.”

About Cerebriu

Cerebriu provides solutions to automate radiology workflows, improve brain MRI efficiencym improve patient prioritisation, and reduce scan time, re-examination, and non-acute admissions.

For more information, please reach out to Oded Menuhin at om@cerebriu.com