Cerebriu announced as 1st place winner at RESI Europe Innovation Challenge

Cerebriu announced as 1st place of Top 3 Winners of the RESI Europe innovation challenge, after the conclusion of the 3 day RESI Europe event.

The RESI innovation Challenge poster presentations were held in digital format, with each finalist company having a dedicated page to present their content, I.e. poster, short pitch, and other supplementary materials that the companies made available for viewing.

To view the Cerebriu page click here

Cerebriu is dedicated to improving workflow efficiency, quality and patient outcomes in diagnostic imaging (radiology).

 “I think applying for Innovation Challenge was an important decision for us. We got selected as a finalist at RESI and won first place. This will help us gain a lot of exposure via RESI’s newsletter announcement and promotion for the top 3 Innovation Challenge winners across 40,000 investors world-wide, and RESI’s media partners also promote our company and technology.” Robert Lauritzen, CEO of Cerebriu.

Cerebriu is fundraising a seed round to implement AI in hospitals in Europe

Cerebriu recently received the CE-mark on their first product Cerebriu Apollo and is currently raising €2m to support further clinical studies and implementation across hospitals in Europe. With the onset of the coronavirus COVID-19 the risk willingness of investors has reduced substantially, focusing on the best investment opportunities most likely to succeed.

Robert Lauritzen, CEO of Cerebriu continues: “Winning the investors’ innovation challenge now during the coronavirus outbreak is endorsement by investors for investors that Cerebriu is a strong investment opportunity.”