Cerebriu Appoints Former Philips CSO Homer Pien, Ph.D. to the Board of Directors

Copenhagen, Denmark, 13/10/2022

Today Cerebriu announced the appointment of Homer Pien, Ph.D., to the Board. Homer currently serves on multiple boards and is a former senior vice president,  chief scientific officer, and chief technology officer for Philips’s Precision Diagnosis and Imaging Systems businesses. Homer brings vast experience to Cerebriu, including his time at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he led the Laboratory for Medical Imaging and Computations in the Department of Radiology. Additionally, Homer brings relevant entrepreneurial experience at start-ups, including as a former CEO who has delivered successful exits for shareholders.

We are proud to welcome Homer Pien to our Board of Directors,” said Robert Lauritzen, Chief Executive Officer at Cerebriu. “Homer’s dedication to and expertise within radiology ranging from Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Philips Healthcare strengthen Cerebriu’s clinical and business capabilities on our global journey. I very much look forward to working closely with Homer.”

“As someone who dedicated a substantial portion of his life to medical imaging, I find Cerebriu’s approach to personalized imaging riveting, relevant, and timely,” said Homer Pien, Ph.D. “The healthcare system needs Cerebriu to reduce unnecessary workload and free up the radiology departments’ time and expertise to improve affordability and accessibility for everyone. I look forward to realizing Cerebriu’s vision with the team.

”Homer’s industry leadership experience and medical imaging expertise are essential, timely additions to Cerebriu’s board” said Peter Savas, Chairman. ”We look forward to working with Homer to accelerate the development and commercialization of Cerebriu’s imaging technology.”

Über Cerebriu

Cerebriu is a digital health company developing AI software solutions to improve radiology workflows. With a current focus on MRI, Cerebriu’s novel approach delivers in-process image analysis while the patient is still in the scanner. This enables personalized protocols for faster scan times and higher patient throughput while reducing unnecessary contrast usage, and patient recalls. Ultimately this provides better patient outcomes, reduced burden on professionals, and more efficient radiology workflows.

For more information, please visit www.cerebriu.com

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