Validation of Ischemia Detection published in European Journal of Radiology  

A new paper in European Journal of Radiology, published online on September 29, 2023, validates the high quality of the Cerebriu products Smart Alert and Smart Protocol for ischemic lesion detection in brain MRI. Researchers from University of Copenhagen performed an external evaluation of the software in a non-comprehensive stroke center. In this challenging setting smaller and older lesions occur more often than in a comprehensive stroke center. As these cases are harder to detect, the results demonstrate the general applicability of the Cerebriu ischemia detection in clinical routine. 

The study was conducted by a team of 13 researchers around Christian Krag, neuroradiology Ph.D. student in RAIT Denmark. They analyzed the software’s performance on a consecutive cohort of 800 patients with an onset of stroke symptoms within four weeks before the scan. This cohort was enriched by 230 cases for underrepresented lesion types. All patients had been scanned at the Department of Radiology at University Copenhagen Hospital Herlev and Gentofte between January 2020 and April 2022.  

To set the reference standard, an assessment of the original MRI report and a re-examination by a subspecialist neuroradiologist determined the ischemia diagnosis based on an increased signal on DWI (diffusion-weighted imaging) of ischemic appearance.  

Compared to this reference standard, the Cerebriu software demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity of 89% and 90%, respectively, for acute/subacute ischemia. It also showed no evidence of age, gender, or comorbidity bias. 

“We thank Christian Krag and the whole team for their great work on this independent clinical validation, which demonstrates high reliability and quality of our stroke detection,” says Robert Lauritzen, CEO of Cerebriu. 

Cerebriu’s technology enables timely diagnosis of patients with suspected stroke 24×7, alerting healthcare professionals when infarcts are detected and improving prioritization and patient triage. 

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