Texture analysis could help quantifying COPD on CT

Texture analysis could help quantifying COPD on CT 

A Scientific paper co-authored by our own Senior researcher and PhD. of the University of Copenhagen, Lauge Sørensen, has been featured on Aunt Minnie.com. 

 In the paper, a team of researchers led by Lauge Sørensen “compared the performance of texture analysis with densitometry for quantifying COPD in a retrospective evaluation of nearly 2,000 subjects from the Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial (DLCST).”  It was found that image texture analysis correlated with measures of lung function, yielded higher accuracy for diagnosing COPD, and was predictive of rapid decline in lung function.   

Read the Aunt Minnie.com article here. 

Read the original Scientific paper here: 

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Quantification Using CT Texture Analysis and Densitometry: Results From the Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial   

Lauge Sørensen, Mads Nielsen, Jens Petersen, Jesper H. PedersenAsger Dirksen, and Marleen de Bruijne
American Journal of Roentgenology: 1-11. 10.2214/AJR.19.22300