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Cerebriu was founded in 2018. 

We are automating MRI for the future of diagnostic imaging, empowering radiologists, technologists and clinicians with optimized workflows, infusing clinical intelligence at the point of imaging

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Cerebriu’s Mission Is To Simplify Radiology By Infusing Clinical Intelligence at the Point of Imaging

Streamlining workflows and acquiring the right images for the right patient at the right time are our obssessions.

Cerebriu improves workflow efficiency and the quality of care in diagnostic imaging by automatically suggesting protocols adjustments during the MRI examination, identifying critical findings at the point of imaging and notifying the care team for fast radiological analysis and prompt patient management.

By using Cerebriu AI software, the care team can expect a reduction of interruptions to radiologists, an augmentation of technologists’ autonomy and confidence, a reduction of occupational stress, the optimization of MRI utilization with less unnecessary sequences, faster reporting of critical findings and a timely and efficient communication with the care team.


Since 2020 Cerebriu has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


Foto af Cerebrius CEO Robert Lauritzen

Robert Lauritzen

Chief Executive Officer

Robert is one of the co-founders and is an international IT life sciences executive with 25+ years of management experience across high-tech, MedTech, start-ups and large corporations across pharma and IT service providers, building and managing global delivery and sales execution across Europe, US and Asia.


Akshay Pai, PhD

Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Pai is one of the co-founders and has more than a decade of machine learning experience, focusing on medical imaging and key inventor across several patents and author or co-author of more than 50 research publications.

Dr. Amine Korchi, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Korchi is a practicing neuroradiologist, award-winning researcher and entrepreneur. He is a recognized specialist in healthcare and life sciences innovation, and has a vast experience in multiple medical imaging sub-specialties. Dr. Korchi operates at the crossroads of medicine, technology and business, and has prior professional experiences in medtech startups, venture capital, strategy consulting and corporate venturing.


Martin Lillholm, PhD

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Prof. Lillholm is one of the co-founders and specialised in Machine Learning at the department of computer science at the University of Copenhagen. Martin holds an extensive background in compliance of medical devices, ensuring licenses to operate, regulatory compliance and quality certification. Prof. Lillholm is the Deputy Head of the Department of Computer Science and worked in the industry. He holds a PhD from IT-University of Copenhagen in computer vision and a master’s from the University of Copenhagen.


Mads Nielsen, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Prof. Nielsen is one of the co-founders and has more than 25 years of international academic experience in machine learning and medical imaging, with over 300 publications & 20 patents. Mads was the first to introduce deep learning in medical image analysis in 2013 after a collaboration with Prof.Andrew Ng. He previously co-founded startups including Cerebriu and was the Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.


Matthew Liptrot, PhD

Director of Clinical Operations

Dr. Liptrot holds a Ph.D. in Diffusion MRI tractography of the brain, a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London. He has more than 25 years experience of research in medical imaging of the brain, based at Imperial College London, DTU, Rigshospitalet, Hvidovre Hospital and Department of Computer Science at Copenhagen University. 


Lauge Sørensen, PhD

Scrum master, Researcher

Dr. Sørensen received his Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. Part of his Ph.D. program was carried out at the Pattern Recognition Laboratory at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He previously was Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen. Dr.Sørensen brings vast experience from both research and industry.


Erik B. Dam, PhD

Head of Partner Projects

Prof. Dam is one of the co-founders and has extensive knowledge in medical imaging derived from research institutes and the industry. He is Professor & Head of Data Science Lab (CS) at the University of Copenhagen. Prof. Dam holds a PhD from the IT University of Copenhagen in medical imaging analysis. Prof. Dam is responsible for planning and executing the research with selected collaborating companies and hospitals. 


Jan Villadsen

Chief Financial Officer

Jan has been an executive finance professional for many years both as CFO in biotech companies – Gubra ApS, NatImmune and Neurokey , as well as as Treasurer in Group 4 Falck A/S. In addition, he has held several senior positions in the financial sector primarily in investment banking and capital markets operations. Has two Graduate Diplomas in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


Peter Savas

Chairman of the Board

Peter brings over 30 years of managerial experience in executive leadership positions across life sciences, which made him to be a Serial entrepreneur, strategic planner, value-added investor, executive chairman, director & advisor

Dr.Jonathan Gertler


Board member

Jonathan P. Gertler joined BioVentures Investors in 2019 and is currently a Managing Director. He has over 35 years of scientific, clinical, entrepreneurial, transactional, and investment expertise in both academic medicine and in the life sciences sector. Dr. Gertler is also the co-founder, Managing Partner and CEO of Back Bay Life Science Advisors, a global life science consultancy and advisory group, and founder of three additional healthcare companies.

Niklas Marschall

Board member, KMD Venture

Niklas is the CEO of KMD Ventures and an entrepreneur. With years of managerial experience, as well as VP positions. Niklas' main Specialties are Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Product Offering, Product Development, Business Development and Innovation

Henrik Müller

 Board Member

Henrik, a serial entrepreneur and professional business Angel. Henrik brings years of managerial experience from the biggest companies in Denmark and startups. Henrik was also in the Danish Royal Navy.

Mads Lacoppidan


Observer, Vækstfonden

Responsible for business development of the investment portfolio within Life Science with special focus on Health Tech at Vækstfonden. Previously several roles at ALK, including as founder of corporate start-up, overall responsible for ALK's Consumer Division and director of Commercial Excellence. In addition, a handful of years at Coloplast with experience for global launch of MedTech products, product management and strategy. Educated Cand. Merc at CBS with study stays at Harvard University and Singapore Management University.

Mads Nielsen


Board member, CSO

Prof. Nielsen has more than 25 years of international academic experience in machine learning and medical imaging, with over 300 publications and 20 patents. Mads was the first to introduce deep learning in medical imaging in 2013 after a collaboration with Prof.Andrew Ng. He previously co-founded startups including Cerebriu and was the Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.

The team:

Wenna Melsted


Clinical Operations Specialist

Dr. Kaining Sheng


Medical Annotator

Dr. Anna Zhigalova

MD Neurologist, MSc

Medical Consultant

Jon Middelton


Researcher, Industrial PhD student

Carla Gomes


Regulatory Affairs & Quality Specialist

Dr. Felix Müller


Medical consultant

Maria Bach Nielsen


Clinical Operations, Project Manager

Dr. Rohan Kashyape


Consulting Radiologist

Evelina Šeduikyte


Medical Annotator

Pengfei Diao


 Researcher, PhD student

Therese Darum



Marko Bauer

Student Developer

Becky Low



Markelian Gkegka


Health Economist 

Emilie Lolk Wolff-Sneedorff


Student Developer

Sofus Rischel

B. Med

Medical Annotator 

Elena Stefani


Legal Student Assistant

Magnus Alexander Johansen



Carlota de Macedo Santos


Data Manager

Oded Yair Menuhin


BD & Strategic Partnerships Manager

Ilakya Prabhakar

Researcher, Intern

Thomas Olesen



Thomas Olausson


Student Assistant

Viet Nguyen


Consulting Architect

Jacob Johansen


Reseacher, Industrial PhD student

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