Cerebriu and Vista.ai to partner in automating MRI exams

Two leading experts in the field of MRI automation, Vista.ai from Palo Alto, California, and the Danish HealthTech company Cerebriu, are glad to announce their partnership.

Combining Vista.ai’s leading radiology AI-guided software that automates MRI exams for quick and accurate scanning with Cerebriu’s AI solution, ‘Smart Protocol,’ getting the shortest scan right first time, will lead to a simpler acquisition procedure for the technologist and faster MR image acquisition.

The collaboration will bring groundbreaking benefits for doctors and patients by freeing up radiologists’ time, ensuring timely diagnosis of critical findings, and improving patient experience.

How does it work?

Vista.ai’s novel version of an MR console removes hundreds of clicks from the technologist. Providing the embedded clinical intelligence of Cerebriu’s ‘Smart Protocol’ the right first-time imaging by detecting critical findings and enabling precision diagnostics are ensured.


This outstanding partnership will soon make both partners’ vision a reality: a superior MR console driving the MRI scanner towards an autonomous scanner.

Akshay Pai, CTO of Cerebriu, about the collaboration: “Innovation in MRI technology is at the heart of what we do at Cerebriu. Our partnership with Vista.ai marks a pivotal step in revolutionizing MRI exams. By integrating our Smart Protocol with One Click MRI, we’re not just streamlining the process; we’re redefining precision care to ensure every scan is both rapid and accurate, bringing high-quality MRI within reach for all.”

Robert Lauritzen, CEO of Cerebriu: “The synergy between Cerebriu and Vista.ai is a testament to our shared vision of a more accessible future in medical imaging. Our collaborative efforts in automating MRI exams are set to transform the patient experience by drastically reducing scan times while enhancing the clarity and utility of every image captured. This is the future of healthcare—fast, efficient, and patient-centric.”

Bob Hu, CMO of Vista.ai, says: “Through our collaboration with Cerebriu, Vista.ai is proud to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in medical imaging. One Click MRI, when coupled with Cerebriu’s advanced imaging protocols, will simplify the MRI process for clinicians and elevate the standard of care, allowing for quicker diagnoses and treatment plans. This is a leap forward in making complex imaging accessible and affordable.”

At the upcoming RSNA in Chicago, taking place from Nov 26 – 30, we are proud to showcase our joint solution for the first time publicly.